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Painting in process. Hopefully I won’t give up. But I probably will.

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Visarute Angkatavanich

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Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel

(Source: funkes)

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Iceland - by: { anthony negrete }


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(by Lou Lu)

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19mm Rutilated Quartz Septum Plug with Rainbow fracture for one of our regulars at WAY. I hope this piece is comfy Juan! 

Enjoy good sir!

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I have two tests today and I’m not going. I’m a great student.

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Did a thing. Found out that doing line art is a pain in the bum, and that I still can’t do hair. I had fun though!

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instead of turning “the night circus” into a movie, why don’t you turn it into an actual circus.

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7 Finger Robot

"The device, worn around one’s wrist, works essentially like two extra fingers adjacent to the pinky and thumb. The robot, which the researchers have dubbed "supernumerary robotic fingers," or "SR fingers," consists of actuators linked together to exert forces as strong as those of human fingers during a grasping motion."

Robot tech, YES.

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Riften for nonny.
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2 miniature pies I made in beer bottle caps! Will be made into necklaces


Oh I thought they were plugs at first and I squealed. I want pie plugs now.

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Baltasar says hello!